Precision Storytelling

  • Episode: 1 Consensus Selling to Story Architecture In today's B2B Consensus Selling environment, this episode explores Why you should NOT create your story to educate the on average 5.4 people in an enterprise account using traditional methods such as building large text based documents and instead consider first building a Story Architecture.
  • Episode: 2 Story is Software Considerations to Good Storytelling This episode describes What is PrecisionStory's approach to next generation enterprise storytelling. Among other things, this approach applies lessons learned in good software development to enhance B2B story development.
  • Episode: 3 How to Create a Story Architecture Built with Precision Stories This episode describes How to create a Story Architecture that will be implemented by building Precision Story episodes and will answer the fundamental questions of Why, What, How and Who.
  • Episode: 4 How to Implement a Story Architecture with Precision Stories In this episode, we explore the details on how to implement a Story Architecture, answering the Why, What, How and Who questions, with Precision Stories recorded by your assigned storytellers.