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Whether you're in executive management, sales, marketing, support, services, engineering or consulting, you've heard of the Internet of Things. But what is it and why should you care?

In fact, your current job, and your next one, could very well depend on you understanding at least the fundamentals of IoT.

But if you'd like to learn more about IoT, just surfing the Internet will only give you a fragmented picture. And you're probably too busy to sit in a classroom.

Your answer: Take a Precision class. A new way for you to learn.

  • TED-talk Sized Modules. If you have 18-minutes you have the time to finish one lecture. Most of the classes can be finished in less than a morning. View the class materials at your own pace. And come back to the content as often as you'd like.
  • Video, Text, Images. Some of you learn better by watching, some by reading. It's all there. And 86% of those who have completed classes rate the content as excellent or very good.
  • Case Stories. Lectures have plenty of case stories and cover many industries including power, transportation, oil & gas, healthcare, construction, agriculture, buildings & cities and packaging.
  • Complete. We cover all aspects of IoT, including connecting the machines, collecting the data and learning from this data. We also discuss business implications and what you can do differently given discovered insights.
  • Certificates, Badges. Finish the exams and earn a certificate you can share on your Linkedin profile, as well as with your Facebook and Twitter followers.
  • Inexpensive. Start with one class by industry for less than $10 or cover all industries for less than $50.

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  • Very Good: 45%
  • Good: 14%

Read what leaders in the industry have to say about Precision

Dr. James Goodnight

The promise of the Internet of Things isn't delivered by connected devices or machines. The promise is in the data that they generate and the insight that can be mined from it. Dr. Chou's IoT Framework presents an excellent roadmap for enterprises struggling to transition the IoT promise to realized value.

Dr. James Goodnight, CEO, SAS

Godfrey Sulliva

Precision is an accurate, insightful presentation of the complex challenges facing data scientists, technologists and businesspeople who are solving some of the world's biggest operational challenges through the Internet of Things, machine-generated big data and machine learning. If you want to go beyond the hype and really understand what the Internet of Things is today, what it could become tomorrow, and how you can gain value from it, Precision should be in your library.

Godfrey Sullivan, Chairman, Splunk

Rob Bearden

IoT represents a real opportunity for new enterprise applications. Precision does an excellent job of identifying the key attributes of the technologies that will be required to connect and collect data from Things and turn them into game-changing insights and business models.

Rob Bearden, CEO, Hortonworks

Vinod Kumar

Our ability to capture and process the data coming from the inter-connectivity of things is critical. Connected devices have increasingly more to tell us. Precision sheds light on the technical and organizational challenges that lay ahead on this next major step in enterprise computing, and shares many real solutions implemented in the world of IoT today.

Vinod Kumar, CEO of Tata Communications Group

Martin Richenhagen

A glimpse into how modern technology will affect methods of doing business today, tomorrow and for future generations. This is a must read informative guide for anyone who is truly connected. Read it. Read all of it.

Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO, AGCO

Bill Ruh

Excerpt from Foreword, written by Bill Ruh

Figuring out how to best capitalize on the Industrial Internet can be daunting and confusing. Here in Precision, Dr. Chou is helping to demystify the processes behind getting better outcomes from assets of any kind – machines, real estate, people, factories, etc.; from the initial setup of an organization’s IOT framework to defining the principles behind the operations and on to examples and best practices. With a proven case study approach, Timothy has gathered the right examples to help leaders grasp what they need to do and how to do it.

William Ruh, Chief Digital Office, General Electric

Bruce Kroght

In addition to providing an excellent introduction to the concepts and technologies underpinning the Internet of Things, Precision explains how it will change how we do everything, especially in the developing world, where the absence of legacy systems makes it a greenfield for IoT innovations.

[Professor] Bruce Krogh, Director, Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda

Helge Jacobsen

Love the framework and the practical approach. It has already helped me identify strengths and gaps in our current IoT strategy.

Helge Jacobsen, Vice President Operations Excellency, United Rentals

Jane Ren

Truly impressive work. Most remarkable is the simple, intuitive and consistent framework. It can be consumed by every audience, plus a rich set of cases, making the whole lofty IoT so close to us and so much more real that it can be touched right there with your fingers. To the CIO/CTOs who are still scratching their heads where to start, this will give them a sense of direction and a sense of urgency.

Jane Ren, President, Atomiton, Inc. Former Chief Business Architect, General Electric

Mark Taylor

I’m devouring this. Scary isn’t it? [I] might be becoming a techie.

Mark Taylor, President, Global OEM Computing Solutions Arrow Electronics

Anthony Chang

Timothy Chou has authored an outstanding compendium of relevant issues and real life applications of Internet of Things. As an ardent aficionado of artificial intelligence, I find this work to be beyond calculable value for understanding the essence of interconnectivity and artificial intelligence.

Dr Anthony Chang, Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer Children's Hospital of Orange County

Mick Hellman

As an investor and business manager I find Tim Chou’s books uniquely informative, clear and timely. Tim identifies important technologies early in their emergence. His clear explanations dispel the fog of jargon and hype. He provides cogent examples of companies implementing IoT to solve genuine business problems and of companies building IoT solutions for profit. His books should be essential reading for any business person touched by technology. Which is everyone.

Mick Hellman Founder and Managing Partner, HMI Capital, LLC

Paul Blackmore

Reading this thought provoking and insightful text is at the same time fascinating and worrying since it explores and explains the potential of the technology but also makes one realise that the speed and scope of the changes that lie before us as the digital age accelerates are significantly beyond what most people ever imagined only a couple of years ago.

Paul Blackmore, Managing Director Blackmore Contract Services (Former VP of Special Services AGCO)

Dr. James Goodnight

Dr. Chou’s very clear analysis of the transformative wave of the ‘Internet of Things’ is both practical and visionary, and is an excellent starting point for business and technology professionals. With real-world examples, Precision provides the foundational understanding of the Industrial Internet of Things required in today’s physical and digital world of commerce.”

Roger Pilc, Chief Innovation Officer, Pitney Bowes

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